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CopagCards.com offers you 2 opportunities to become a wholesale merchant of Copag Playing Cards.

Wholesale Copag Cards

Are you a customer that purchases a large volume of playing cards? If you can agree to purchase a minimum of 12 sets for a business purpose, then you may become a wholesale customer.

Wholesale customers receive deep discounts on their orders. Pricing is positioned as such to allow you to sell Copag Cards to other poker players and card aficionados and make a great profit.

If you are ready to start buying Copag Cards in bulk then please complete the following application and we will consider your application for approval.

Copag Cards Wholesale Application

Drop Ship Copag Decks

Maybe you are in the business of wholesale poker supplies and you sell gaming products. However, you don’t want to invest heavily to begin selling our product. If this is the case, then we propose that you try drop shipping.

Brybelly.com is owned and operated by Brybelly Holdings, Inc (Brybelly). Brybelly operates many websites (including this one) and offers products in a retail and wholesale capacity to customers in several industries. Brybelly currently operates in the Gaming, Toys, shipping supplies and Health and Beauty Industries.

Brybelly offers drop ship services for the gaming industry. Drop shipping means that Brybelly will ship Copag Cards directly to your customer with a blind packing list.

With drop shipping your customer thinks that you shipped the Copag set to them directly. This is a great small business solution to selling Copag cards.

Brybelly.com also offers other gaming products and will allow you to purchase small quantities of Copag cards at wholesale prices.

We Want Your Copag Business

We offer solutions for small and big companies alike.

If you are a large company that maintains your own inventory then complete the application and we will provide you the lowest prices possible.

If you are a new startup or a small business just looking to sell a few sets then consider drop shipping and sign up at Brybelly.com.