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If you are looking for Poker Cards, look no further. Copag Cards are the preferred playing card among professional poker dealers. See our Dealer Kits to deal like a pro. All you will need is poker chips and your game will be up and running.

Made 100% from PVC plastic, Copag cards will handle the normal wear and tear of a poker game with ease. Copag cards will last longer, shuffle better, and slide across felt in such a manner that you will never want to play with anything else again. Your poker hands will look the same after hours and hours of play.

Since Copag cards are 100% plastic playing cards, Copag cards are resistant to bending and tearing. Our poker cards will always spring back to their original shape and maintain the integrity of the card structure.

Copag cards are nearly impossible to crease or mark. Therefore, you can be sure when you are playing with Copag cards that you are in a square game. We think a square game deserves a square card, don't you?

Copag presents you with the opportunity to deal your home game like a casino card room. You will enjoy Copag's quality, performance, durability, efficiency, and security.