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Copag is a 100% plastic playing card. We would like to differentiate plastic playing cards from plastic coated playing cards.

100% Plastic Playing Cards

Whether its plastic poker cards or plastic bridge cards that you use in your game, we always advise that you select a product that is 100% plastic. A card that is 100% plastic will conservatively last 20 to 50 times longer than a plastic coated playing card.

Plastic Playing Cards

Plastic playing cards such as Copag Cards are mark resistant, durable, flexible, shuffle effortlessly and deal with ease. They make your game run efficiently and are the best economic solution to playing cards.

  • COPAG cards will not mark, dent, or crimp under normal playing conditions.
  • COPAG cards last 20 to 50 times longer than plastic coated paper cards.
  • COPAG cards are washable, thereby giving your decks that brand new fresh look for years.
  • COPAG cards do not scuff or dent... Preventing accidental marking.
  • COPAG cards provide gaming characteristics that make them the optimal card to play.
  • COPAG is the only card manufacturer to be ISO 9002 certified. This will ensure you get the COPAG quality every time!
  • COPAG cards are the most effective playing card solution.
  • COPAG cards cards have unique and sharp

Plastic Coated Playing Cards

Although Copag does offer plastic coated paper cards, it is not our specialty. Copag is world renowned for 100% plastic playing cards.

The most popular playing card in the United States is Bicycle playing cards. Unfortunately we don't understand why this is the case? We believe its an issue of education and that simply most people have not had the wonderful experience of playing with 100% plastic playing cards.

Bicycle is a plastic coated playing card. This means that there is only a fine film of plastic that is applied to a cardboard card stock. The plastic film will wear off within about 1 hour of play, thereby rendering the card useless in about 2-3 hours of play.

Plastic coated cards absorb hand oils and humidity. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to shuffle a deck of plastic coated cards after about 2 hours of play? You won't have this problem with 100% plastic cards, since the cards shuffle the same every time even after the 100th hour of play. Smooth.

We estimate that a set of Copag will last approximately 100 to 200 hours of poker play (playing conditions will cause this to differ from game to game). We estimate a plastic coated paper deck will typically last 3 hours of play.

As you can see, 100% plastic cards are the economical choice even at their slightly higher price point per deck. On average, a poker deck of bicycle cards at your local drug store will cost about $4 per deck. A double deck of Copag will cost $15.95 or slightly less than $8 a deck.

Plastic coated paper cards have a very sticky surface. This means they are difficult to shuffle, deal across felt, fan a hand, and to stack.

Plastic coated paper cards also bow and mark after being played a few times. They are cardboard after all! Copag cards retain their shape and finish for hours. Casinos only deal 100% plastic cards for games in which players handle cards (poker games).

Avoid plastic coated cards and buy Copag plastic playing cards for your long term enjoyment.