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Copag Promotions

If you are interested in purchasing Copag Cards, then CopagCards.com is your ultimate destination. We try to bundle as many promotions as possible to make you a satisfied and loyal Copag customer. The more Copag Sets you purchase, the sweeter the deals!

Our Current Promotional Offerings:
CopagCards.com Four Free Copag Cut Cards Promotion

Purchase 2 sets of Copag Cards and receive 4 free Copag-branded cut cards. Cut cards are used in poker to conceal the bottom card during dealing. Let the players in your game know that you only deal the finest!

CopagCards.com Free Shipping Promotion

Purchase 2 sets of Copag Cards and receive free domestic shipping through the United States Postal Service. Free shipping is only available to customers in the United States via parcel post shipping.

Free Copag Dealer Button

Purchase 3 sets of Copag Cards, receive a free Copag dealer button.

CopagCards.com Free Copag T-Shirts Promotion

Purchase 6 sets of Copag Cards and receive a free Copag T- Shirt. Our T-shirts come in S, M, L XL and XXL. Our T-shirts are a heavy, Jerzeez-branded cotton.

Additional Copag Promotional Info

The promotions above are triggered by the purchase of Copag Sets (2 decks in a plastic case). We offer other products on this website such as accessories and single decks that do not trigger the benefits listed above.

For instance, if a customer purchases 8 sets of Copag Cards, then the customer would receive:

  • 1 set of cut cards
  • 1 dealer button
  • 1 T-shirt
  • Free USPS shipping